Sunday, December 31, 2000

A day in Davao

A few of the girls and I went out today, it was quite fun and we all had a good time. I am constantly reminded that I am no longer in North Idaho but in a new country. I have not quite gotten comfortable living in the city and I do not think that I ever will. I have not caught any babies yet but that should happen in the next few days!

Here is Mercy Maternity Center getting a new roof over the entry way

The road leading out of Mercy Maternity Center. The house that you see is orange house

Me in the back of a tricy

Looking for work

One of the little food stands

The alternative to a tricy, a pedicab

When we were stopped at a intersection I heard a horn honking quite close, looked up and saw a jeepy (there form on bus) the driver had seen my camera and wanted me to take his picture

Then a full tricy saw my camera and they started waving and wanted me to take their picture as well

On the way home some children put on a impromptu dance for us

Some interesting flowers

I am counting down the weeks until I am safely home and get hold all of my family close to me for real! One major blessing for me is that a very good friend of mine gave me a ipod so that I could skyp my family so I am able to talk to them several times a day, I can evan see them!

Location:Davao City