Monday, August 23, 2010

To all of the generous people out there

I have gotten several offers of donations for my cause and would like to thank everyone who has offered money for my trip. I am not going to take donations until I know for sure that I have been accepted in to the school. I can not submit my application until September so I will no know until then. So I wanted everyone that has offered that I am not ignoring you I just was not sure what to do, but talking with my mom and dad I will wait until I know if a really am going or not.

I was really touched by all of the offers. I was not expecting it and I did not start my blog to get money. Thank you for all of your generosity.

Latest news from the Philippines, and it is not good!

To day while my mom and I where talking she told me about a news story that she had read about that happened in  the Philippines . This really made me think about the danger that is over there and I could be afraid and call the whole thing off but I do realize that danger is walking out my front door every day and going to work. Knowing that I could be on a bus like this in a years time is a little frighting but I will still be going. And I do have to wonder, did the guy who took all of these people hostage and killing 7 of them, really think that it would help him get his job back? My dad did say that he would get AK47 and teach me how to properly use one and field strip it, so I will be good on that front.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Who I am

I have done a lot of talking about what I am preparing for but not a lot about me. As I have said I am 21 and living under my fathers roof.  I was a EMT-B for the last 3 1/2 years, I am currently not  with and ambulance but have a application in with a local fire department.  I got my love of medicine from my dad, when I was about 4 he was a EMT-Fire fighter and I use to go with him to the department and fell in love with that. I became a EMT as soon as I was old enough.

My love of midwifery came when my little sister "Princess Dragon Snack" was born. I love the atmosphere in which she was born. It was  very calm and mom and baby where right where they belong. I felt called at that time to be a midwife and have been working off and on for about three years to that goal. Besides me not studying like I should have a lack of births in this area has been a deterrent from getting my CPM (Certified Practical Midwife) I was the primary midwife for my little brother "Master Calvin's" birth. Even though he was born in the hospital (he needed a little persuasion ) I loved every minute of it.

I have a ham license though I still do not know how to use it! I have not found a ham operator to teach me that can speak in English they only speak in ham.

I also keep honey bees. I love the bee's though they are hard to keep. I have not gotten any honey for the last two years and am not sure what I am doing wrong but I am sure in time I will figure it out. They are fascinating creatures and I love watching them, and nothing can beat fresh honeycomb.

Well that is all for now. Thank you for looking.

The pain of getting a Passport

So for my trip I have to get a passport,  now I am not going until next summer but I have started the application for my passport. What a pain! I have a bunch of information I have to fill out, which I filled out on the computer but I can not apply in line, I have to do it in person at a post office and I have to have a special picture taken at a approved passport photo place, I will have that done at Costco next time I am in town. Then I have to go to the post office and turn in my application  and my picture, after that I have to pay the fee which is a arm and a leg, $165.00 oh and hear is a interesting peace of information, the government will not allow you to pay in cash money! You can pay with a debit card a check or a money order. Some places may allow you to pay with exact money but most places will not. Then I have to wait for upwards of 3 months just to see if I have been approved and will be allowed to receive a passport!  Ahh the joys of working with the government!

At the end of all of that all I get is one of these!  I am not sure that it is worth all of the money and trouble to get one. I know that I need them to leave the country but wow.

On a different subject I am off of work tomorrow and Monday! I am so glad that I do not have to go to work for two days. Monday we are going to see my grandparents for a day and we get to go out for chines food my little brother " Master Calvin" is very excited to see "Poompa and Bump" (Poompa is Grandpa and Bump is Grandma)

Last night while I was out work I had some guys ask me if I wanted to come and view the local nudist colony! I said no. The last thing that I want to see is a bunch of very naked fat guys. 

Well that is all of the news for now.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hi, ho its of to work I go

I have had a few days off and now it is back to work. I really do not want to go, I prefer to be home but I keep telling my self that in one year I will be in the Philippines...... I hope. Yesterday I went to work and there had been a scheduling error and all of the tills were being maned. If  I had wanted to stay they would have let me but I decided that if I was going to stand a round and do nothing I would just go home, I felt like I getting a way with something!  But today I have to go to work. I will be working the closing shift the rest of this week which means that I go to work at 1:30 and will not get home till almost 11:00 and I am not a night owl. Oh well another day another dollar  right?  And next year at this time....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello, many of you may remember me as Trauma Queen or know me as Maid Elizabeth. But for those of you who are new I will introduce myself. I am a 21 year old woman living under my fathers roof and am planning a mission trip to the Philippines June, July and August of next year.

I am currently a checking at our local grocery store to earn money to fund my trip. I have been training to be a midwife for the last 3 years( although, I have not studied as I should have) but we  do not have the numbers of births in a year that I need to be certified.Over in the Philippines I will attend 25 to 30 births a week so I will be getting plenty of experience.  I have currently saved up enough for the plane ticket and am working on my room and board.

I am quite excited to experience the culture and help the ladies who need help. In the Philippines out of ever 1000 births 200 mothers or children die. If you go to a hospital without money in hand they will send you home to labor as best as you can. Only the wealthy can afford to go to a hospital.

When I come back to the States I will have enough births to take my midwife test and start my own practice. Well that is about all of that in a nut shell. Thank you for looking and please come back.