Sunday, April 24, 2011

Almost There!

I have four more days until I am no longer working! I am so excited to be done. It has been a very good experience for me, I have learned people skills and how to work when I do not really want to. All in all it has be a great experience.

I can not quite figure out if I am thrilled to be going or if I am terrified. I think that it a little of both.

On May the 7th I will be going to a benefit garage sale and bake sale that a local chiropractor is putting on for us ladies, all of the proceeds will go to the girls that show up.

I got the neatest swimsuit for my trip. I wanted something that would be modest but feminine at the same time so my mom when and found Hydrochick. I love my swimsuit!

Here is the top that I got

and here is the skirt

put them together and you get this!(no that is not me)

I am all ready for a day at the beach

Location:Still in Idaho