Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My to do list!

Well I have quite a lot to do now until I go! My next order of things is neonatal resuscitation. I was certified about 3 years ago but let my certification laps ( a very bad idea)  I am heading in to our local hospital Jan 12th to take this class. Today at work I got about half of the book re-read! It was a very slow day. After that I am going to learn how to suture, place a IV, draw blood as well as about half a million other things.  I am now thinking that 5 months will not be that long! The great thing about this school is that I am entering as a entry level midwife, so that means that I will be just getting in and getting to work instead of being in a school room setting. We will have some clinical things that we do but I am thinking that they will be restful after 60 to 80 hours of being on your feet delivering babies!

Well right now it is a toss up between sleep and study! ( I am leaning towards sleep)

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