Friday, January 7, 2011

Book Review

So, the midwife that I apprentice with, affectionately called the "Birthing Master",  gave me a book recently and I would like to share a review with you.

The book is called "A Book For Midwifes" by Susan Klein, Suellen Miller, and Fiona Thomson. It is published by the same publisher that published "Where There Is No Doctor".  I love this book!  It is hands down the best book for people who want to know all of the ins and outs of midwifery.  It is written for health workers in third world countries and it is the most helpful and user friendly book that I have seen. It is the ultimate "prepper" book for anything to do with prenatal and birth care. It will teach you how to fix common ailments with uncommon remedies - for instance, if you have anemia put a clean iron nail into a glass and add lemon juice and let it sit all night. Drink this concoction mixed with some water and Viola you have an iron supplement!

Be aware, this is not a book that you should let little children see!!! It does not have any real pictures but it does have some graphic drawings. It is very comprehensive and  will show you how to do things that you would not learn any where else.  All in all I highly recommend this book if you have any interest in learning how to become a midwife or if you want to have it "just in case".

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