Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well last night I was on swing shift which means that I was on from 2 pm 10pm. We had three babies born last night! I was just a observer however I was present for all three births and we had such a wonderful time. It was dead from 2 until about 5:30 and then it was baby after baby until 10. The first baby was born in about half and hour she pushed for 7 minutes, she had a little girl. Big sister was there and was so fun to watch her look and play with the new baby. The secant baby was very fast as well we took her from the car strait to the bed. She had the baby in about 5 minutes! It was a boy and he weighed under 5lbs. The last baby that we saw was a little longer but all went well. It was also a boy! All babies where healthy and all the mommy's did well. I am sorry that I do not have any pictures my camera battery was dead. I am on swing shift again today and my camera is charged up so maybe if we have more babies tonight I will be able to get some pictures.

Location:Davao City, MMC clinic


  1. And so it begins! I would love to hear more about how they react and/or treat tiny babies. Is it a normal thing? Under 5 lbs is tiny! Please give us a blow-by-blow of baby and mother care soon!

  2. I'm excited for you. You should buy one of those weaved fans. It will come in handy when the fans don't work because the power is out. :)