Saturday, May 28, 2011

To market to market

We went to market today to price out some local food. Monday we will go shopping when we get our food budget from the school.

We had a blast looking around and trying to get used to the lay of the land.
I took lots of pictures.

This is how we got to the market

If you look closely you can see me next to the one in green.

It is very crowded at the market ( and a little stinky)

Trying to find out how much bananas are

People are very helpful

Lyda Barnett looking at some woven fans

The bags of liquid are soda pop

This little one kept saying Hi, Hi, Hi


Stephanie and Sarah

This lady was bagging and wanted us to give her pesos

Fancy pineapple cutting

Pineapple on a stick

On the way home we got a pedicab, we fit all seven of us in it!

When we flagged down the pedicab we had two of them fighting over us!

Location:Agdao market


  1. Your sharing this birthing mitzvah with us, is so very exciting! Keep up the great works. Prayers are streaming for your mission and for your successful calling.
    The market looks wonderful with all the fresh fruits. Perhaps when all of you have purchased groceries, that you will need to hail for two pedicabs, or else you will come home with squashed bananas.

    G-d Bless You and your group Maid Eliz.


  2. I do enjoy reading of your adventures! God bless you with safety during your stay.


  3. I'm so excited that you got to go to the Philippines! I'm looking foreword to reading more. God Bless you and keep you safe.