Friday, July 22, 2011


Today we decided that we where not going to work! We all took a day off! Okay we had permission, today was Mrs. Rogers 60th birthday! For her birthday she decided that she wanted to go zip-lining! So we went to the zip line, then to the crocodile zoo. We had so much fun, I had not realized how stressed I was until we got out of the clinic and had a day off. My first in 1 1/2 months!

Waiting for our ride

At the zip-line place

They also have a ropes course

very pretty flower

Stephanie posing for me

Julie in front of the jungle

and me!

Getting ready

The birthday girl

All ready

I live with a bunch of weirdos!

Group picture

on our way up the hill

The jumping off place

The way down

the first one up is the birthday girl

Three....Two......One.....Take Off!!!!!


Last one

Some action pictures,

Now for the next one!

A big toad that we found

Group picture

The birthday girl and the staff

I will post pictures of the croc farm next time

Location:Davao City


  1. What a thrill! Part of me is saying, Ooh, I want to do that! But another part of me is saying, Ack! It's so high!

    I'm glad you got a relaxing (?) day off, finally.


  2. It's great to see you having fun.

    You are living my dreams of youth.

  3. you are midwifing. In an exotic country no less. Ziplining thru the jungle. Hanging out with the girls. Visiting wonderful markets. Girl you are living. Doing things others only dream of. And best of all I know you appreciate it. Best of everything!

  4. Wow! The pictures are great. Our Lord has made everything beautiful..... What an experience you are having. Enjoy your adventure and bring lots of memories to share. Thanks for taking us with you on your journey. Many Blessings always,
    Grace Tome