Thursday, June 2, 2011

By his grace

Church here is not something the people do just to say they go to church. I was brought to this reality just yesterday morning! We went to do a prenatal outreach at the Agdow church, and I was looking for a church like back at home and well... I will let the pictures talk for them selves.

The floors are dirt and you could see the sky through some of the gaps in-between the buildings. However every thing was tidy and there where curtains on all of the windows.

You obviously do not come here to make yourself feel good but to cultivate a relationship with there Lord and Savior . It made me think about how shallow the modern day church has become.

Location:Agdow Church


  1. Amen. You are so right!
    Prayer and a meaningful relationship with G-d can be performed anywhere.
    Church, can also be accomplished just about anywhere there is a group of people who wish to worship the Lord, and gather in His praise.
    Tents worked just fine in Abravim's day. :)


  2. Your pictures make us think about what is important - it certainly is not church buildings and stuff but as you say - the relationship each of us builds with our Redeemer. Thank you for the reminder. May we each strive to get into His word.....
    Hope you'll continue to take us all with you on your journey.
    Grace Tome

  3. I cringe whenever a church I am attending starts talking about a building program. We get caught up in the numbers and forget the reason we are to gather together.

    Thank you for the reminder that the American church has, in many cases, lost its way.


  4. Makes me miss the church I attended during my stay in Mexico. I have to admit, I am often discontent with American churches and our need for bigger and better and more sophisticated buildings. All that takes time to care for, and I would rather spend time with people then the computer to run service. Sigh.

    I want to say thank you for doing what you are doing. It makes me so excited and, silly I know, almost teary eyed. I just had my 3rd baby, 1st purposefully at home and my respect and gratefulness for midwives is pretty intense. Keep up the good work, you are preparing to do something that will bless so many families. Wait, you are blessing so many families!