Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life goes on

Well I am still here! I am so busy that I can hardly breath. Things are going well and we are learning a lot, especially how to stop a hemorrhage! We do get to see a little on our time off.

This is some kind of finch that we see a lot

One of the girls and I went out to eat and the waiters were being filmed for something so every one was dressed up and dancing around!

Here is Davao from the top of a mall (it is a big mall country)

Getting a "boko" witch is green cocoanut

The milk at this point is clear not white!

And this is what happens if you leave any food on the counter! ANT attack!

We have two new roommates! We call them Fred and Ethel. They really prefer the bathroom to any other room in the house.

Well that is all for now, I am sure that there will be more soon.

Location:Davao City


  1. ew ew ew I really don't like roaches. Oh well, tropical locale, so must be expected.

    "Which" and "coconut" sorry I can't resist! You are an intelligent lady if you can learn and know everything about delivering babies, so your spelling should reflect your intelligence!

  2. Joan of Arc;
    I love to see your update! I really look forward to them. Thank you for taking us on this journey.

    I'm not sure if you are aware that correcting someone is very much as poor form as is poor spelling. I have no doubt you are only trying to help, however, I am quite certain you are only succeeding in discouraging this lovely young lady. I'm sure that you will find it within you to resist in the future.

  3. Wonderful pictures! It is a treat to see what you are seeing. It is very different from scenery you are used to. Is it very warm this time of year there? I bet you are learning in leaps and bounds. I know you are seeking and that you are finding..... I so much appreciate your blog. You put your thoughts together and write very well. Keep it coming.
    Grace Tome

  4. Yay! You tried green coconut! What did you think? I love the stuff. When I was little I remember playing in the jungles of Guam and getting hot and thirsty and my brothers or dad would cut one open and it was so delicious. I hope you liked it.

    Those photos of roaches bring back many memories too. In Guam they fly (I'm sure they do in the PI.) The only thing that kept them away ... for the most part ... was constant cleaning. Every Saturday we would take the house apart and kill them whenever we saw them and of course get a cat that likes to eat them. Never leave any food out ... all in tupperware-like containers. NOT that you have time to clean. It sounds like you are very busy.

    Hemorrhaging! How scary.


  5. NO!!!! I totally, utterly, wholly, & completely rebel!!! We do NOT have 2 new roommates!!! No way!!! Maybe yours but NOT mine!!!! Thank you very much!!!
    ~Sarah P. ;D

  6. Ms Scarlet,
    I know you pen yourself as Joan of arc, but to me you are my "Ms. Scarlet". I am enjoying your blog immensely!!! Please keep it coming, I am loving checking in everyday to see where your journey is taking you and to see what glimpse of life you are going to share with us along the way...
    Safe Travels..

  7. With apologies to Fred and Ethel, I'd be searching for a shoe if I saw them!

    What a wonderful adventure for you, to learn your chosen profession in such beautiful surroundings!

    May God keep you and the other girls safe,


  8. Looks and sounds like it's everything it's supposed to be-work, work and more work with a little bit of time off for the weary workers! The fact that you can even think to give those critters such funny names makes me respect you even more than I already do! I would probably call them "Gross and Grosser" as I ran out of the room:) We grow 'em big in So Florida but not THAT BIG!!! All goes to show that if you can laugh at those, you can handle whatever gets thrown at you,sweetie, and I'm sure you are learning more than you ever imagined. And that all the girls(and medical staff) you are helping are immensely grateful for you intelligent,quick-thinking, cheerful nature! And don't worry about spelling; when you get back to your comfy bed and slippers (and Mom's hot tea and scones), you can take the time to check over what you write before you press send:) I'm sure everyone understands. Believe me, we're blessed to hear anything-as exhausted as you must be! Keep on keeping on!
    much prayer,
    Mary (ft laud)

  9. Joan,
    Daily, I continue to pray for your calling, and for you to experience much joy and adventure while you are there in the Philippines. I so look forward to your posts on this blog, as I check here every morning for your updates and pictures.

    G-d Bless You and all in your group.