Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All's well

So far the baby count is 3! 3 catches so far. Two more as a active participant and I will have all the 20 births that I need for NARM ( North American Registry of Midwife's) then it is only 17 more until I am done!

One night I heard a scream from outside and ran out thinking that someone was injured or worse and saw this!

She thought that it was a bat coming to get her.

A mommy and her children going home from a baby check

How rice is brought home in the phils

Not quite sure what this is

Rode side shoe store

Bulk grains

I think that someone lives here

The paper plaits of the Philippines, banana leaves!

And I just had to through in some pictures of my two youngest siblings

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  1. Wow! You must be so happy knowing how far you've come and seeing the dream that started so long ago actually be fulfilled every day you are there! The life there may be different than in the States but in reality the basics are the same- what matters there, matters everywhere-doing the best you can to take care of those you love. I know your faith will help and strengthen you as you finish your time there. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to be the FIRST person to hold a new born baby-made me smile to read you have "3 catches so far":)
    ps...sweet pictures of your brother and sister-they look like they enjoy life to the fullest:)
    Mary (ftlaud)