Sunday, June 5, 2011

Samal Island

Yesterday we went to Samal island for outreach, it was so good to get out of the city in to more rural country! Once I got out of Davao I felt like I could breath, it smelled good and made me a little home sick. All went well we only had 4 people show up for pre-natal's but we had a wonderful time. I think that we will go back on a day off soon.

The fairy

It was quite busy at the wharf

First view of the island

I am not in Idaho any more!

I love the way the vines creep up the trees

I was looking for dinosaurs after seeing these monsters!

I have no idea what these are

One of the midwifes playing the drums

Waiting for patients

Patients waiting for us

A HUGE flower

Palm trees!



Location:Samal Island


  1. The big darkish pink flower is in the Hibiscus family! Wonderful pictures! I'm praying for you!

  2. Thank you for posting your happenings. It's great to follow you on this adventure.

    The photo is a bit blurred, but I think the spikey red pods are annatto/achiote/roucou. If you opened one of them you might have found little red seeds. The seeds are used in cooking and dye. You soak the seeds and rub them with a spoon or fork (not your fingers ... they stain) and then use the colored water to flavor rice and dishes.

    I've only used them for cooking. I've never used them for dyeing anything ... well maybe my fingers and shirt while using them to cook with.


  3. If you haven't tried it yet, don't leave the Philippines without drinking the juice of a green coconut and the soft coconut meat inside. It is so refreshing and delicious ... and maybe you'll have one that has a little fruit inside. I would ask someone to do it right there instead of buying one in the market already opened.

    Happy travels,

  4. Beautiful pictures! I always thought it was funny that bananas grow "upside down."

    I pray for you and the safety of your entire group,


  5. Hope you try "ahu". It's a dessert made with the green/unripe coconut and the juice (I think). It's thick pudding like but clear with the green coconut in it. And the coconut is not green in color. It's soft and translucent if I remember correctly. Delicious is what I remember about it.

    Also on the menu...pancit ( a delicious noodle dish), adobo (chicken cooked in vinegar and soy sauce), sweet rice cakes (I forget what they are called. If you get the recipe please share it with me. :]), eba (sour fruit about the size of a quater and looks like a yellowish pumpkin), fried breadfruit, star apples, mangoes....

    Wishing you well.

  6. That huge flower is a Hibiscus as someone else mentioned. Its often dried and used as a tea to make Jamaica (sounds like Humika), a drink that is very healthy.

    Blessings on you and your team.