Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Very busy

I have been very busy, I work three days have one day off and then work three days. And I think that it is a cruel joke that you work night shift witch is 10pm to 6am then have your day off, so you spend your day off sleeping! I have been present for 8 babies so far. I have observed 5 charted 2 and assisted 1. I have had a little fun in between shifts but I spend a lot of time sleeping. I am not quite used to the time change I wake up at 4am every morning with out fail!

The birth room

Birth cart, we wheel this in when birth is imminent.

Suction unit

Jordan and I

Mommy and new baby


And at the end of the day, my daddies dumplings.

Location:Mercy Maternity Center, Davao city Philippines


  1. Great pictures of the birth room and equipment. It really is nice to "see" all. What blessing all these experiences are and how fast they are all coming. I pray that you are able to get your sleep schedule more regular.
    Mrs. Ruseler (Jordan's mother)

  2. So glad you're taking us on this journey with you. It is a treat to see the Philippines and see what you are seeing. I love your blog. Pray that your hands are as the hands of Jesus.
    Grace Tome

  3. What you need to do is force yourself to stay awake longer at night, that will help you adjust to the time difference. Of course, this will only work if you worked days! LOL

    I pray for you and your group, that you remain safe in God's hands.