Monday, August 23, 2010

To all of the generous people out there

I have gotten several offers of donations for my cause and would like to thank everyone who has offered money for my trip. I am not going to take donations until I know for sure that I have been accepted in to the school. I can not submit my application until September so I will no know until then. So I wanted everyone that has offered that I am not ignoring you I just was not sure what to do, but talking with my mom and dad I will wait until I know if a really am going or not.

I was really touched by all of the offers. I was not expecting it and I did not start my blog to get money. Thank you for all of your generosity.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for getting back to us! I keep seeing people around me fundraising for all sorts of things and keep thinking "wow, I know someone doing something really worthy and cool and she's not even asking". So I'm glad to hear back from you, and to know you have a plan.

    I wish I had some brilliant words to say about the Phillipeans but, alas, I don't.
    It's scary.
    I know if anyone could face those challenges, it would be you. I know you've prepared as an EMT to handle crisis but as you well know risk assessment is a big part any call to help. And Risk management is always on the mind as you do work. In the end what you have set out to do is incredibly noble, exciting, challenging, even lifesaving - which is why you have so many people eager to donate!!! You have to embrace what is right for you and your future and choose to embrace your God-Given talent in a way that's right for you and allows you to soar, where ever that may be!

    P.S- I have a good friend who's a doctor who goes on medical missions once a year. She often works in a compound surrounded my guards with machine guns for protection, and yet she loves her work and returns yearly