Monday, August 23, 2010

Latest news from the Philippines, and it is not good!

To day while my mom and I where talking she told me about a news story that she had read about that happened in  the Philippines . This really made me think about the danger that is over there and I could be afraid and call the whole thing off but I do realize that danger is walking out my front door every day and going to work. Knowing that I could be on a bus like this in a years time is a little frighting but I will still be going. And I do have to wonder, did the guy who took all of these people hostage and killing 7 of them, really think that it would help him get his job back? My dad did say that he would get AK47 and teach me how to properly use one and field strip it, so I will be good on that front.

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  1. Dads are so funny. My dad offered (and did) buy the same rifle so that my husband and I would do well on the Air Force marksmanship qualification. Their first priority is keeping us safe and successful, but ooh, if that means they get to buy a new weapon, excellent!