Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hi, ho its of to work I go

I have had a few days off and now it is back to work. I really do not want to go, I prefer to be home but I keep telling my self that in one year I will be in the Philippines...... I hope. Yesterday I went to work and there had been a scheduling error and all of the tills were being maned. If  I had wanted to stay they would have let me but I decided that if I was going to stand a round and do nothing I would just go home, I felt like I getting a way with something!  But today I have to go to work. I will be working the closing shift the rest of this week which means that I go to work at 1:30 and will not get home till almost 11:00 and I am not a night owl. Oh well another day another dollar  right?  And next year at this time....

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