Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello, many of you may remember me as Trauma Queen or know me as Maid Elizabeth. But for those of you who are new I will introduce myself. I am a 21 year old woman living under my fathers roof and am planning a mission trip to the Philippines June, July and August of next year.

I am currently a checking at our local grocery store to earn money to fund my trip. I have been training to be a midwife for the last 3 years( although, I have not studied as I should have) but we  do not have the numbers of births in a year that I need to be certified.Over in the Philippines I will attend 25 to 30 births a week so I will be getting plenty of experience.  I have currently saved up enough for the plane ticket and am working on my room and board.

I am quite excited to experience the culture and help the ladies who need help. In the Philippines out of ever 1000 births 200 mothers or children die. If you go to a hospital without money in hand they will send you home to labor as best as you can. Only the wealthy can afford to go to a hospital.

When I come back to the States I will have enough births to take my midwife test and start my own practice. Well that is about all of that in a nut shell. Thank you for looking and please come back.

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