Saturday, August 14, 2010

The pain of getting a Passport

So for my trip I have to get a passport,  now I am not going until next summer but I have started the application for my passport. What a pain! I have a bunch of information I have to fill out, which I filled out on the computer but I can not apply in line, I have to do it in person at a post office and I have to have a special picture taken at a approved passport photo place, I will have that done at Costco next time I am in town. Then I have to go to the post office and turn in my application  and my picture, after that I have to pay the fee which is a arm and a leg, $165.00 oh and hear is a interesting peace of information, the government will not allow you to pay in cash money! You can pay with a debit card a check or a money order. Some places may allow you to pay with exact money but most places will not. Then I have to wait for upwards of 3 months just to see if I have been approved and will be allowed to receive a passport!  Ahh the joys of working with the government!

At the end of all of that all I get is one of these!  I am not sure that it is worth all of the money and trouble to get one. I know that I need them to leave the country but wow.

On a different subject I am off of work tomorrow and Monday! I am so glad that I do not have to go to work for two days. Monday we are going to see my grandparents for a day and we get to go out for chines food my little brother " Master Calvin" is very excited to see "Poompa and Bump" (Poompa is Grandpa and Bump is Grandma)

Last night while I was out work I had some guys ask me if I wanted to come and view the local nudist colony! I said no. The last thing that I want to see is a bunch of very naked fat guys. 

Well that is all of the news for now.


  1. Wait until you are asked to surrender the originals of your identity papers -- it's a really naked feeling! If there is a way that donations for your mission can be offered without compromising your identity, please post. Perhaps through the organization you are working with -- let them know who JOA is!!

  2. This is fantastic! And the joy of seeing all those new little faces. You'll do GREAT and have memories that will last a lifetime.I bet someday you'll be telling your grandchildren about this trip!

  3. Hello my bear-hunting ex-emt elven partner in mayhem! Lovin' the new blog! Hope things are getting better for you at the market (what is it with people and not being able to make a solid understandable schedual?) and you make your quota for room and board soon. Might I also suggest the o VIPs and do some reading up on laws and customs in the philipeans? Wonderful shopping, sure, but there's got to be a thousand ways of getting yourself into trouble with the wrong people. Be careful.
    Much love, the Stranded World Wanderer

  4. Hi, just wanted to stop by and say "kudo's" on the new blog! I'm excited and inspired for you.